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Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing

Books – Food – Music

What I’ve been doing to keep myself sane for the past three weeks and get some of that inspiration to keep writing:

In mind:

Right now I’m reading three different books depending on the time of day or where I am.

Keeping two books with contrasting gravity is a good way to exercise your brain and train it to slow down and speed up on command. I know it doesn’t work like that exactly, but it’s a good way to unwind or jumpstart any cranial activity you’re busy with at the moment.

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Writing for a Living

I am in college. I have needs that my meager allowance from my conservative and strict parents just won’t cover. BUT! I have found a way to exploit my talent for BS.

This being my first post, I think it is more than appropriate to write about what I write about*. Basically I just write really boring, droll, mindless, vapid, senseless, vacuous SEO articles for a few bucks a piece to fund my incessant need of Wendy’s Baconators, cigarettes, coffee, sprouting alcoholism, gym fees, rent and basically everything else my parents don’t pay for.

It’s a “fun” and thankless job, especially if you’re writing for other people (which I’m only doing until I get my act together), but it is pretty easy. So easy in fact, that most lazy slobs like me can start at any point in their life and make a quick hundred in a week.

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