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Philippine Elections 2010

This was a conversation between me and two friends on May 11, 2010;┬áfor posterity’s sake I’m masking the names.

Talking about Gilbert Teodoro (Gibo), Benigno Aquino (Noynoy) and Erap Estrada

TL;DR? Scroll to the bottom

Me: no hope for us man.
MX: Guys I’m super affected that gibo isn’t going to win. I don’t care who you guys are for I just have to let this out. I really believe in
him. I just wasn’t as outspoken as other people because my family’s politically involved and if noy wins my Tito (bro in law of my dad) becomes president of PNOC and his bro can become head of national defense. But I still really believe in Gibo. I feel so bad everytime I’m on facebook and people’s stats quote gibo. He’s such a great guy and I honestly believe he would make and excellent president. I can’t talk to J—- about it because he’s not into politics and his mom and step dad are noynoy because his step dad’s childhood friends with mar. But maybe I shoud try? Anyway, I really feel bad. I hate politics but I feels so much for gibo. ­čśŽ