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Batman Prologue and Trailer for IMAX leaked [cam]



In Nolan We Trust.


Skyrim: A Guide to Delaying Progress

This is a work in progress. If you have anymore to add, leave it in the comments and I’ll edit them up here with a link to your website ­čśë

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The Book Nerd’s Guide to Springtime Music (via Francopolis)

Lazy afternoon essentials for the summer.

Great post about reading playlists.

The Book Nerd's Guide to Springtime Music If your idea of springtime fun is racking up a mean Vitamin D deficiency while reading the latest David Sedaris book, this is your soundtrack to spring… Spring is finally here — the days are growing longer, the weather is briefly tolerable, and Demeter and Persephone are once again reunited, thus bringing the earth to life anew (true, there's a whole scientific explanation for all this, but that's all rather cumbersome and boring, isn't it?). … Read More

via Francopolis