Skyrim: A Guide to Delaying Progress

This is a work in progress. If you have anymore to add, leave it in the comments and I’ll edit them up here with a link to your website ­čśë

Option 1:
I saw this video the other day while looking for a better way to steal stuff other than killing everyone in the house.

You basically use your ‘take’action and instead of tapping it, hold it down and move as you please. In this case, you can move objects to block NPCs fields of vision.
Option 2:
Crouching like a dumbfuck and waiting until you’re “hidden”. Crouching just tells you if you’re within anyone’s line of sight.
However, if you broke into someone’s house, being hidden or not doesn’t matter as long as the owner knows your there. You will be arrested upon exit.
Option 3:
Kill everyone in the area then take what you want.
Of course, this also means you could get arrested.

When I started playing Skyrim, I couldn’t easily find the paths to places because at one point in between any dialogue or scene, something would distract me and I just had to HARVEST THISTLES.

On one quest to get the Dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow, I seriously could not find the path. That or I’m really dumb and lazy. I’m inclined to the latter.

Basically I traveled to the mountain from Whiterun, stole a horse and scaled it. I encountered a few bandits and then I got stuck. What’s great about Skyrim is that it’s so easy to scale shit if you like jumping. So, without a path to follow, I ran up mountains. Despite the steep slopes, you can find that it is quite easy to scale these by running and jumping to find the best spot to move forward. Also applicable on horseback.

HOW TO TRAVEL TO WHITERUN (alternative to the ‘Travel Fast’ option):
Option 1:
1. Go to any house in a village that has guards patrolling.
2. Steal/Kill anything that moves.
3. Choose the option that gives you the chance to redeem yourself from your sins and go to jail.
4. ????
5. Profit! You are now in Whiterun.

Option 2:
Steal a horse.

Find the nearest stable to whichever city you are in. These are usually marked by a Horse Shoe icon on your map.

Once you get there find a horse. If you have don’t give a shit about a 50 gold bounty, steal any horse you so desire. Another option would be buying them.

Buying : Stealing
The horses stay in the same place when you dismount : They walk/run away as soon as you leave dismount

(Thanks to Venture Beat for this nifty not so amazing but very useful trick)
1. Look for the 2nd Guard Barracks in Whiterun
2. Wait until 10 PM and use your sneak skill to go back and forth in the perimeter of the two guards that never sleep
3. Do this a few times more
4. ???
5. Profit! You lazy, cheating bastard.

I have to thank my boyfriend, Alessio for getting me into Skyrim. He knows I love dragons and staying a 12 year old friendless virgin in my head.

He’s an imperial and I’m playing a night elf, Nymeria (Arya’s direwolf’s name based off of a warrior heroine from Game of Thrones)


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