Guestblog by MH: On Change and Getting Shit-Faced Drunk and All the Cheesy Details

I’ve spent about 21 years in this place we call the and it seems that that stupid cliche everyone talks about seems to be true. The one I’m referring to, of course is the one that goes “The only constant in this world is change.”

I sit beside a friend of mine while doing some stupid contributor shit on her blog when I could just as much help the others in the team by blogging about something work-related but then again, that’s no fun. So I’ll be the sweet friend that I am instead and tell everyone who reads this blog i.e. those who care about this special friend of mine a little some-some about the things I’ve learned being friends with this eccentric woman.

Thing is, she usually just goes for everything. I would describe her a mild version of Sophie from Jeux d’enfants (just because the woman in the movie was pretty intense). I mean you can’t really call yourself Asia’s friend if you haven’t seen her shit-faced drunk, done something a little too crazy with her and/or know a little too much about her boys. I could go on about the eccentricities but then, that’s not really the point of this post.

The woman just got across an important crossroad in her life. I’m referring to a type of thing 30 year olds would have trouble with; much more a 21 year-old young lady who’s been tried by heart-aches of proportions not-too-easy to imagine for most people our age. It’s a break and fast-tracking life goals is usually an amazing situation but then again, it has got to be some scary shit – probably like a hyena chasing you across the Sahara! (okay, I don’t know where that came from)

As a good friend of hers, I am nothing but happy for her! But as her friend also, I know there’s a piece of my heart that will miss her truly.

The other little details will take care of themselves. Life’s tough and everyone just needs to have a back-up plan so don’t worry too much about them. Opportunities come and go and real friends find their ways back to each other or stay in each others memories when they’re old and smelly and they’re barking at their neighbors on the front porch. Professionals are usually just nice because of the business side of it anyways.

In conclusion, (since it is TL;DR as it is already) Kudos! The road ahead will be tough and change is always a scary thing but know that things usually turn out for the better.

much love.



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