Philippine Elections 2010

This was a conversation between me and two friends on May 11, 2010; for posterity’s sake I’m masking the names.

Talking about Gilbert Teodoro (Gibo), Benigno Aquino (Noynoy) and Erap Estrada

TL;DR? Scroll to the bottom

Me: no hope for us man.
MX: Guys I’m super affected that gibo isn’t going to win. I don’t care who you guys are for I just have to let this out. I really believe in
him. I just wasn’t as outspoken as other people because my family’s politically involved and if noy wins my Tito (bro in law of my dad) becomes president of PNOC and his bro can become head of national defense. But I still really believe in Gibo. I feel so bad everytime I’m on facebook and people’s stats quote gibo. He’s such a great guy and I honestly believe he would make and excellent president. I can’t talk to J—- about it because he’s not into politics and his mom and step dad are noynoy because his step dad’s childhood friends with mar. But maybe I shoud try? Anyway, I really feel bad. I hate politics but I feels so much for gibo. 😦
BP: Same here M—–. I actually cried. If not gibo, gordon. stupid people voted for erap! and alot of people voted for noy for villar not to win!
I cried last night. I lost hope. for us. for the country. i really felt bad. i’m crying again hahahahahahaha I hate how the politics is. but i love it. i mean talking about it. and knowing about it.
im really sad. grabe super affected ako
Me:  I feel bad for not taking responsibility and I actually realize that it’s people like me who don’t vote that cause these things. Not
only those who waste their rights, but I know a lot of people who voted for Noy because they thought it would be better to vote for the one who had the actual chance of winning than vote for the person they believed in but knew wouldnt stand a chance. Gibo would have made a great president. It just goes to show that our country is doomed. He would’ve made changes that could have affected so many lives and in effect changed so many situations and circumstances. To think that we wasted a chance at a great leader breaks my heart. And I feel bad for not caring earlier enough to vote.

and the sad part is, all these frustrations will fall on deaf ears. The wheels will turn and we have to live with the people’s choice for 6 years. Saying people who vote are stupid won’t change anything still. It’s not even stupidity but ignorance, something that could have changed had Gibo won instead of Noy. On the brighter, albeit pathetic, side, at least we didn’t get Erap or Villar.The fact that I had to find some sliver of silver lining to this dark cloud emphasizes the dire situation we’re in already. The fact that most facebook users are comprised of only the top 10% of the economically well-off also means that all these groups and statuses and general opinions will also just keep circulating around a certain and exclusive number of people. It’s not enough to engage people in this way, because the other 90% of our countrymen don’t even know what the internet is, and the internet is the most feasible and most convenient tool for advocacy. It also doesn’t help that most people like us who complain on the internet have nothing to show for offline.

If every single person who ever joined a group or liked a page relevant to their supposed candidates or causes would do something about their online political and social concerns, then we’d probably have a fighting chance of changing how our country is.

Fuck. haba ng sinabi ko. HAHAHAHA tang ina.

MX:     A—–, I wouldn’t have registered if i wasn’t forced to. I’m glad that I did though. You’re not alone, I didn’t care at all before but eventually I got involved.
Yun nga eh, if everyone on our generation voted, sobrang laking chance ni gibo. My news feed was almost all green for like 2 weeks straight but then some of them weren’t registered. 😦 Yeah, or Gordon pwede din. But really, gibo. 😦 omg. I’m soooooooooo depressed right now. Parang sobrang stupid ng people. Grrrrrrrrr. You know we should stop blaming the politicians because no matter what their motive is, they at least want to try to do something for our country. EH YUNG CITIZENS?! bunch of stupid fucking dipshits!!!!!!!!! I want to strangle the peole who voted for fucking ERAP! punyeta, and tatanga eh. Hindi marunong umintindi: NINAKAWAN NGA ANG PILIPINAS. Dumbasses. Hindi naman daw Nila nafeel yung effect eh. Ay bobo. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
BP: I kept my hopes up that our countrymen will actually think of who they’re voting. but no. I can’t wait for a change.
MX: I want to crrrrrrryyyyyyyyy
Right now, we just have to trust Noynoy to prove us wrong. Let’s have faith. We have to. It’s a two way street. Stop fighting whoever is there in malacanang. The elders shouldve listened to the youth. 😦
Me: That’s the problem eh. Laging late magreact generation natin. I wish I registered. Yeah I just hope he does better for us.
BP: But m—–, just to defend Erap despite the fact that i don’t like him to win. everyone got money from us. everyone. a lot other
politicians are more corrupt than erap. Like i said, people actually apologized to Erap for Edsa dos. Erap is mostly involved in Jueteng Money or Gambling. But not mostly of Philippine money. It’s just that, If erap wouldve won, it would be a disgrace to our country since he was caught doing these illegal stuff and was put to jail.
Just to be fair 🙂
In three years, please just register? 🙂
Me: Yeah I agree with B—. No one’s hands are clean here. We just have to acknowledge the fact that politics, no matter where or
when, will always be dirty. Erap actually deserves a pat on the head for trying a second time and a slap in the face for thinking he can rip us off a second time.
MX: Yeah but he was also an alcoholic and wasn’t discreet about his actions. The point is, they know what he did and they still voted
for him. I don’t fucking care if every fucking president is corrupt! HE was the one who was caught! They don’t realize how stupid he is then!! And seriously?! AFTER IMPEACHING HIM?! What, now they want him back?! This is idiotic!!!!
BP: Right. Idiot for picking the wrong cabinet members too!!!!!!
In three or 6 years, i hope people will actually use their head!
Me: You can’t blame the masses for being idealistic and naive. those are two traits that romanticists and the ignorant have in common. Unpleasant but its the truth. And erap was a romanticist and an idealist.
Actually wait… yeah you CAN blame the masses. Sila nagpapagago eh. But it’s not ENTIRELY their fault. Actually culpability isn’t even the issue here anymore, the real issue here is what we’re going to do next time we have the chance to change this country. I’m voting next elections. I’m too traumatized now not to.
BP: Such fickle minds
MX: Idc if you post this conversation. People SHOULD know how it goes. How people WHO ACTUALLY USE A FRAGMENT OF THEIR BRAINS THINK!!!
Yeah, you can blame the masses! For sure! No one who voted was illiterate enough not understand that erap was impeached.
GOOD THING A—. YES YOU SHOULD VOTE!!! 🙂 M— i love you for being persuaded by whoever to register and by me :))) the past week, I’ve been campaigning for gibo! nakakapagod. but it’s all good cause may mga napersuade naman ako. super kulit ko kasi hahahaha!!! AND NEXT TIME, I would try to really find time to go campaign with the others!
Me: ditto. game ha. 3/6 years from now 🙂
BP: No one but the ones who are obliged to vote for erap!
ie. family close friends and the ones who thought na kawawa naman walang buboto hahaha i think? haha
MX: Hahaha! Laugh trip sinabi mo a—! Yung “erap actually deserves a pat on the head…. And a slap on the face…” :))
Me: well its true though right? :))


The Philippines is doomed.

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