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Advice for Art Majors

Taken from College Humor by Caldwell Tanner (I’m a fan girl)

Flowchart Advice for Art Majors by Caldwell Tanner


Hamster Care and How I Get Through College

When I open a poll asking what I should write for the next day, that usually translates to what I should write the next time I feel like blogging. So we find ourselves here on this very topic: hamster care and how I pass my college courses.

I chose these two particular things to talk about because they’re both highly related in terms of how you actually learn to do both without annoying the FU out of other people. This and also because I’m trying to relate the results from the last poll and my desire to force feed Google skills to everyone so people can lrn2google instead of asking so many questions!

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Writing for a Living

I am in college. I have needs that my meager allowance from my conservative and strict parents just won’t cover. BUT! I have found a way to exploit my talent for BS.

This being my first post, I think it is more than appropriate to write about what I write about*. Basically I just write really boring, droll, mindless, vapid, senseless, vacuous SEO articles for a few bucks a piece to fund my incessant need of Wendy’s Baconators, cigarettes, coffee, sprouting alcoholism, gym fees, rent and basically everything else my parents don’t pay for.

It’s a “fun” and thankless job, especially if you’re writing for other people (which I’m only doing until I get my act together), but it is pretty easy. So easy in fact, that most lazy slobs like me can start at any point in their life and make a quick hundred in a week.

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